About Us

We Are Ike &
Gabe Candle Co.

I'm Siobhan from Ike & Gabe Candle Co. My aim is to bring light and sparkle to your home, without harming the planet or your pocket. I try to be as Eco-friendly as possible I reuse packaging from raw stock received, and candle pots that are given to me and I encourage my customers to do the same by bringing their old containers back to me to be reused or make new candles from container and old candle pots they have at home. I love to make candles out of Granny's old trifle bowls, crystal trinket jars, cups, pots and jam jars. I put as much fun and love into my products as possible and hope that it comes back to you when you use them. Our products are highly scented with a wonderful fragrance throw which is long-lasting. 

Our Story So Far... 

How It Began

The story started with the arrival of our 2 French Bulldogs – Ike and Gabe – in 2016. They filled our family life with more fun and initially toxic smells than we could have imagined. Eventually I was spending so much money on trying to fragrance the house I decide to try and have a go at making some of my own candles. I wanted a candle that would not just smell for the initial burn but would have a fragrance that would remain until the wax was at its last burn. As I started to investigate making candles, I learned about the different waxes, wicks and chemicals which are in the fragrances, as well as what it takes to make the raw materials and what they put into your home atmosphere. After some trial and error, I decided vegan-friendly soya wax was the best and I enjoyed working with most. Then the fun began: finding containers to put the candles in, and eventually giving them to friends to be guinea pigs and fragrance testers.

In 2018 I was bought a fantastic Gin glass; however, you couldn’t put it in the dishwasher and had to treat it with kid gloves. This led me to looking into etching glass, which totally peaked my creative juices. In 2018 I decided to try and sell some candles and glasses at a school fair, and, wow, it went incredibly well, people loved the choice of fragrance and the original and unique glassware, and so was born Ike and Gabe Candles and Glassware.

Despite slowly growing my business over the years, all of my candles are still made in small hand-poured batches and each glass is individually etched. At weekends I sell at markets in and around Surrey. Everything you see on this website is original and available on the website, at our selected stockists or one of the markets.